friday in the city that never sleeps...

but we did sleep... we went to bed LATE thursday night and slept in a bit friday morning. we ate bagels at the apartment and i made lunches and packed snack to take with us that day.

then it was off to the statue of liberty. we walked to the staten island ferry and went through all the security stations (which have multiplied in the two years since we had been here, lots more security this time).

we took the ferry over to staten island and walked around for a bit. we had tickets at noon to go in the statue of liberty. when millie and i came 5 years ago the whole island was closed to visitors so we just took the ferry and looked at the statue from the ferry. then when we brought maxx, we went ON the island but didn’t know that you had to order tickets (months in advance) to go up into the statue. now this time we got it all together.

on the island we took a tour offered by the park rangers and we were the ONLY ones who showed up for the tour so we had our own private guide. he was great. we learned a lot about the building of the statue and the island where she sits. the kids didn’t learn as much as they were still so excited about all of the snow around us. and ALL of the geese (the same kind of geese that brought down that plane into the hudson river a few weeks ago).

the museum in the base of the statue is very cool. it is really fascinating to see how the lady is put together (did you know that the first model of the eiffel tower is what is holding her steady in the winds?) we didn’t realize all of the symbolism that went into her creation (her foot stepping forward and other foot with broken shackles around it)...

the original flame was cut to place thomas edison’s light bulbs inside to make lady liberty a lighthouse... using 40 watt light bulbs, so it didn’t work too well. the flame that is on her now is a newer one and exactly like the one the artist made originally for her.

then back on the ferry for a ride back to nyc and off to lombardi’s on spring street for a pizza! lombardi’s pizzeria is the first place where pizza was served in america. and it is our favorite place! their white pizza is amazing... we ate here last time we were in nyc and it is maxx’s favorite restaurant!

and then more walking around the city... spring street (home of the crumpler store where i looked only and didn’t buy anything), wall street, times square and onto mary poppins for a friday evening show. it was “practically perfect” (which is my new theme song). i loved how it was a bit more true to the original mary poppins books rather than the movie version. i loved the new version of “supercalifragilisticexpialidocios” and i can finally spell that correctly thanks to the new version of the song. and the finale song “anything can happen” is AMAZING! 

i was singing it all the way back to our apartment. of course it does become a little difficult to sing it as you are walking right by homeless people sleeping in the street wrapped in blankets and garbage bags to stay warm...

just a bit surreal to be singing these lyrics under your breath as you see people whose lives don’t mimic a musical at all. they don’t have moments to break out into joyful singing during their days. “anything can happen if you let it”... and i am sure this isn’t the “anything” that they thought would happen. it sounds really nice when mary poppins sings it on stage, but it seems a bit trite as you see real people shivering in the streets who must wonder constantly “how did this happen to me?”...

Anything can happen if you let it 

sometimes things are difficult

but you can bet it 

doesn't have to be 

some changes can be made

You can move a mountain 

if you use a larger spade

Anything can happen it's a marvel

You can be a butterfly

Or just stay larval

Stretch your mind beyond fantastic 

dreams are made or strong elastic

Anything can happen if you let it

You won't know a challenge until you've met it

Jelly isn't jelly till you set it 

anything can happen if you let it

Broaden Your horizon, open different doors

You may find a you there that you never knew was yours

Anything can happen, raise the curtain 

things you thought impossible will soon seem certain 

though at first it may sound clownfish 

see the world more upside-downish 

turn it on its head then pirouette it

Anything can happen if you let it

If you reach for the stars all you get are the stars

but we've found a whole new spin if you reach for the heavens

You get the stars thrown in 

Anything can happen if you let it 

life out there waiting 

so go and get it 

grab it by the collar 

seize it by the scruff 

once you've started living life 

you just can't get enough 

Anything can happen it's official 

you can choose the super 

or the superficial 

sally forth the way we're steering 

obstacles start disappearing 

go and chase your dreams you won't regret it 

Anything can happen

If you let it