saturday in the big apple...

after that inspiration we went up to the metropolitan museum of art. which has to be one of my favorite places in nyc. i love that museum. we ate our sandwiches on the side steps before heading inside.  

the american wing was closed for remodeling and the american wing is the BEST part. WHAT no frank lloyd wright room? no george washington crossing the river painting? no tiffany jewelry section? no frank benson paintings?

we wandered around a bit in the ancient greek area, then on to the european section and then a quick visit to modern art so that rosie could see a matisse (her favorite). after that we found the decorative art section and saw rooms from europe and furniture that would NEVER fit into our little house, but oooh, those 12 foot tall matching bookshelves from france would have looked so nice in my living room....

the museum closed at 9 and so we subwayed back to the apartment and called it a very full day. rosie put kit in the matching nightgown and all snuggled in for a good night’s sleep!

after the bagel breakfast and making sandwiches and snacks to tote in our backpack, we all headed up to midtown manhattan. the girls and i were headed to the mecca of all things girly... the AMERICAN GIRL store. rosie had been saving her $$$ to buy her first american girl doll. 

the marshall policy on american girl dolls is this... (and if you have daughters, you might want to have a policy concerning these dolls, just a suggestion)

once you read ALL of the first books about each girl, you can choose which one you like best and that will be YOUR american girl doll. you can then read ALL the books about that girl and once you know her very very well, THEN you can buy that doll with your own money. and of course, mom and dad will buy you some accessories to go with that doll and you might even get a matching outfit or nightgown to match your doll.

we call it the marshall plan, and it worked after world war 2 and it works for our family. though i don’t recall the one after w.w.2 having much to do with matching nightgowns...

anyway. doll in hand, suitable accessories procured, and it was off to the american girl cafe for a birthday lunch for the girls.

that cafe is so adorable. and the whole lunch experience was wonderful. and full of estrogen inducing moments.

just look at all that hot pink cuteness. and kit had her own seat and tea set! it was such a fun few hours for just the girls. it is one of those times where i just sat and didn’t want to be anywhere else, i just wanted to stay in those moments there with my daughters forever and ever (and the fact that i was being served yummy food helped with that moment also).

anyway, where were the boys while this estrogen fest/feast was going on? they were cruising the area going to nintendo world and other such boy places. and they happened to be standing right in the area where a police car screeched up beside them, two officers ran out of the car and pushed them out of the way and arrested a guy right beside them. yes, they had a nice testosterone filled morning. then they ate at “good burger”.

we met them at 2:00 for a matinee of the lion king.

we had okay seats (not GREAT like mary poppins). but were still overwhelmed with the amazing costumes of this show. how they EVER came up with those, i will never know or even have an inkling of that kind of creativity. incredible....