may 12th...

whew. close to the deadline on this one. i had to do a brehon newsletter on the computer today. and get it cleaned up for a transfer of all my stuff from this computer to my NEW computer which will happen tomorrow. so, i am squeezing this one in.

and telling you that i LOVE LOVE LOVE when someone honks at you in the chick-fil-a line in their big 12 passenger van and then someone else gets out of the passenger seat of that car that was honking and runs up and gives you a big hug and promises to come and see you the next day. and she wants to see the new couches. 

it made my very very busy day to see those smiling faces for those brief moments in the drive thru line. a happy interruption in a day of “get this done now”, “have to be there 15 minutes ago”, “what else could one possibly cram into one day” kind of day. a reminder that in the end, the most important thing to be checked off of your to-do list is RELATIONSHIP. that is the thing that matters. our relationship with our Savior and our relationship with others. relationships where we honk like crazy because we both happen to be in the same place at the exact same time even though we are running around like mad women and don’t even fully realize where we are but by golly there we are right in line together waiting for our chichen sandwiches and waffle fries. relationships where we run out of our car to see a friend and hug them for just that one moment and make plans to see each other the next day in between the thousand other things that we have to do. because relationships matter. friends matter. people matter. love matters. more than anything else in this world.

even more than blogs. i is crazy.