may 14th...

and this is the first blog post from my NEW HUGE-A-LICIOUS mac computer. we had our old mac crash (the one the kids worked on) a few weeks ago and adam decided to give my mac to the kids and get me a new EXTRA LARGE and LOVELY mac. so sweet.

of course, putting all my stuff on this mac proved to be a bit of a challenge. usually it goes pretty easily for me. macs are very user friendly and intuitive. but with me being the village idiot when it comes to computer, i had transferred information from mac to mac and mac a couple of times by now and also had transferred a lot of useless stuff and some stuff that was causing my computer to not work too well. mac expert- enter stage left.

and that expert would be ed hague of mac pro services who is not only the BEST computer guy but also teaches Bible at christ classical and is a pastor. either he was going to get this thing done right or he was going to have to pray for my eternal soul.  either way he was more than prepared. and he was invaluable. not only helping me but teaching me so much about how to clean off a computer and how to set it up the right way. whew. and for a few minutes there we lost my blog. ooh, how would you all have gone on? well, never fear... ed was not going to let that happen. he found and rescued my blog domain file and put it right where it should have been the whole time. 

he is coming back next week one morning to help get the kids songs from their iphone and ipod back onto the computer (since the computer that they were synced to crashed and they lost the songs). 

the best part was all the spiritual applications that i thought about while we were moving everything and cleaning up TONS of trash off of my computer before transferring all the information. the first time it didn’t transfer right because it had transferred some outdated systems that i had saved incorrectly. it really made me think about parenting and how i need to get my doctrine and my life aligned with God’s Word so that i can effectively impart information to my children. and then PRAY PRAY PRAY for God’s grace to cover all those areas where i fall so short. i can’t run two systems at once... a worldly and a Christ centered system. they conflict and they will cause small problems that will slow down everything and will eventually cause huge conflicts and everything will break down. 

running on one system only. that is for me. and my HUGE-A-LICIOUS mac.

and what do i LOVE LOVE LOVE today? knowing when i am over my head and calling for HELP! and that help being so helpful and cleaning up my messes so well so that i can start again with a clean slate. see no wonder i needed a mac specialist/preacher...