may 3rd...

so, the weekend is over. and now it is may. and something about blogging every day. sigh. and i have really nothing to say...


except that cute samuel (the cute tall guy in the photo) asked me to take his group’s prom photos this weekend. and HELLO, i cannot say no to cute tall high school boys (a problem i most likely had in high school as well. good thing no cute tall high school boys ever talked to me). so this group came over to waverly pond and i gushed over their dresses. asked about their hair styles and felt as giddy as some of them did over how much fun we were all having. but i got to do all that in tennis shoes instead of heels. which was nice.

and that little group all chipped in and bought me a starbucks card. because i think they all thought i was high on caffeine already and might be coming down soon and need a hit. which was nice (and true).

so for my “things i love in may” theme...

i love young people.

who ask me to take their photos.

and give me starbucks cards.

and are so much fun that i sometime forget that i am not their age anymore.

until they all leave for the prom and i drive my suburban back up the hill and walk in the house and people ask me what is for dinner. and all i can think of is chips and salsa because don’t they all know that i am really only 17? sigh. guess not. 

and guess what the kids and i ate on saturday night? 

chips and salsa. and some apples. because i am not 17 and i knew we needed fruit.


and my well dressed photography assistant (millie) decided that she needed a prom photo too. so she and sam posed in a traditional prom cheesy pose for me. well, now i don’t have to buy her a prom dress since she has obviously experienced the highlight of the prom... the photos.

and did you notice how many GREEN prom dresses? all shades of green... so pretty. and how about that short dress with the pockets? adorable! 

i needed pockets with my prom dress. for the tissues. because my prom date my junior year had actually BROKEN UP WITH ME THE WEEK BEFORE and already was dating another girl that i knew from church and said these very words to me, “i guess we can still go to the prom since you already bought your dress and all.” yeah, i look MISERABLE in the photos. not anything like those smiling girls in the above photos. maybe if i had pockets in my dress. and a taser in one of those pockets to use on that jerk who broke my heart and then took me to the prom and danced with new girlfriend all night whilst i sat on the bleachers... then you might have seen a smile.

no i am not still bitter. i am just wondering where one gets a taser... and where david h. lives now...