may 7th...

and what do i love love love this friday? hmmm, what could it be?

maybe, just maybe it is “i love new york”.


because i am going there today. with that 16 year old (who is WAY cuter in person than in that photo). and my college roomie, dina clarke, and her 16 year old daughter. a mother/daughter new york city whirlwind weekend. wow. 

if you didn’t know us, you would think we were very cosmopolitan. but since it took me three tries to spell “cosmopolitan” correctly in that sentence, let it suffice to say, we ain’t big city gals. 

but armed with iphone and a nifty nyc subway app, we might find our way to a few plays (mary poppins and west side story), a museum or two, and h&m

and we promise not to leave any cars idling in times square. 

millie and i will be driving to jacksonville in a few hours and then getting on a plane and arriving later this evening. and meeting the clarke girls at the airport. then home on monday. thus not missing any weekdays of blogging in may. 

and a side benefit will be having lots of photos and stories to tell for the rest of may. see how i am always thinking of you dear blog readers. all 6 of you. and 3 of those 6 will be with me in nyc. well, really i am flattering myself if i think that millie reads this blog. and if she does... sorry about posting that horrible photo of us. i promise to take cuter pictures of you in new york. and take you shopping at h&m to make up for the humiliation of being the daughter of a blogger. (teenage girls can be bought off so easily).

pray for us. pray for the city of new york.