a question for my "older" readers...

do you stop sleeping once you hit age 41?

because i have totally lost the ability to close my eyes and sleep.

i am beginning to question whether the Lord loves me anymore....

Psalm 127:2 

    In vain you rise early
       and stay up late,
       toiling for food to eat—
       for He grants sleep to those He loves.

i am not toiling for food to eat. but i am unable to sleep. and i am going to the doctor tomorrow to see about this pain throughout my face and the pain and ringing in my ear. i am sure that is all totally normal for a woman of my certain age. and i hope to come home with a z-pack... 

the Lord loveth the person who giveth me a z-pack. the Lord will bless and keep the person who prescribeth me a z-pack. (my own personal modification of this verse...)

i am a bit really tired-ish. which is a paragoge

haven’t you been missing our little word of the day? i know that i have. my epeolatry is showing. and that isn’t only because i am in my pajamas that are a bit holey. i think my bedlessness (which just happens to be a nice word if you need one that is univocalic) is the cause for this word exploration.

wow, three big words. one blog. no sleep.

sometimes i amaze myself. i just wish i could make myself go to sleep. and i bet after reading this drivel... you all wish the same thing too.

any suggestions?