five hundred ninety nine...

that is how many blog entries are on this website now...

11 entries from 2006
31 from 2007
163 from 2008 (a BIG blogging year)
95 from 2009
123 from 2010
71 from 2011
105 from 2012 (so far)

when moblieme stopped publishing my blog this summer i started moving blog posts. one by one. photo by photo. external link by external link. tagging each one. rereading each one.  i started moving 5 posts a day as my goal. some days i met that goal. some days i exceeded it. some days i wondered if it mattered. but in the end i did it because it mattered to me. each word meant something to me.

there were some posts that i didn't move over. too trivial. which was a pretty low bar since 99% of them are very very trivial indeed. but they tell the story of the last 6 years of my life...

i enjoyed reading each one of them again. some made me laugh. some made my cry. some made me despair of my grammar lack o' skills. some made me despair of my pride. my incomplete knowledge of what time might bring to me. i am certain that most of them were never read by more than 3 or 4 of my closest friends... and God. i know He reads every one. He writes every one. He is the God who sees... He knew what i would write before i wrote each one. He wrote all these days in His book long before i lived them. and wrote them. 

my hope is that one day my children, perhaps my grandchildren,  even great grandchildren might know me better because i wrote all these words. but mostly i hope that they know Him better because of all these words. because in the end that is what each story is... His story. all 599 of them... and all the ones to come.