friends with stories...

my friend jennifer stopped by this weekend. with her two girls. and her baby squirrel. 

i am NOT an animal lover. but jennifer is. i may have to let her raise rosalea for me because rosalea is really jennifer’s kind of girl. jennifer rescued this baby squirrel, feeds it formula every few hours and got it an antibiotic shot when she thought it might be coming down with pneumonia. not kidding. she is the daughter of a vet. that helps with the animal lover genetic thing. 

i am a daughter of a land developer. i like animals to move off of my property. 

and i like that there is a jennifer in the world. and that she is raising daughters that love animals as much as she does. and that she is a middle school science teacher. and that she researched the genitalia of squirrels so that she could know whether this squirrel was a girl or a boy. and i am not telling you which one it is. do your own research. jennifer, the middle school teacher would be proud of me encouraging you to research. 

and now go and brush your hair. and then read my friend debbie’s blog. because it is beautifully written, very true, and especially because I LOANED HER THAT BOOK THAT CHANGED HER LIFE. i love it when God uses me in really easy things, like loaning books out to people. i love when God gives me friends who tells me the stories that He wants me to hear. i love that He has frillions and brazillions of stories to tell through each of us and that the ending will be glorious indeed.

she tells a good story. and i am so glad that she calls me friends (or maybe she is just using me for all my books... i can live with that).