we interrupt your regularly scheduled blog post...

the previously scheduled program for this news breaking story in our continuing saga... “lea loses her mind and never finds it again”.

so this morning, as i am leaving to take rosalea to school, i notice that our trash can is not at the curb.


this is maxx’s job on thursdays. it is a three step process. collect the household trash, put it in the outside trashcan, roll said trashcan to the curb. now i had reminded him on thursday to collect the trash. which he did. and it was in the outside can. check on item two. but the can was not at the curb. and meatloaf may have sang, “two out of three ain’t bad”, but that doesn’t apply to this trash job. or really to love either, sorry meatloaf. (which by the way, listening to that song while i type this is really cracking me up. once a boy requested that song to be played while he couple skated with me at skate inn east. and i thought it was really sweet, until i really listened to the lyrics while we sang. and then i never spoke to him again. or maybe he didn’t speak to me because i couldn’t backwards skate so we had to be uncool and skate just side by side holding hands, and that didn’t make him really happy. and i was getting more and more miserable as we skated listening to those lyrics, that is a lonnnnnng song. either way, we never spoke again. ahh, good times.)

anyway, meatloaf and couple skating and short lived relationships aside... as i drove on to the elementary school, i noticed that the trash truck was in the neighborhood and so it was only going to be a matter of time before the window of trash taking away closed on us for the week. and i did not want that window to close without my trash flying out that window.

so i called home. 

maxx was home. he was sitting and reading when i left. and we have 4 phones in the house. plenty of volume to be heard. anywhere. 

but no answer. 

well, he must think it is just a call for me. and obviously i am not there.

call again. 4 rings and the answering service kicks in.

call again. 4 rings and my own voice again.

call again. 4 rings and my own annoying voice.

call again. 4 rings and i want to strangle the cheery girl who recorded that message.

call again. 4 rings and i don’t even recognize my own happy voice. “the marshalls aren’t home right now” it says. OH YES THERE IS A MARSHALL HOME, HE JUST ISN’T ANSWERING THE $#^&%^$%$#%$#$%^$#%^#$%%@#$%@# PHONE!

call again...

do we need to keep this up? 10 times i called. that is 40 rings in a pattern of 4 rings and then a little break happening at our house over and over and over and over.

finally he picks up. i tell him to take the trashcan to the curb if he values his life. and ask if he heard the phone ringing FORTY TIMES?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?! 

“no, not really. well, kind of. but i didn’t know it was you.”

and from me, “what were you doing where FORTY RINGS OF THE PHONE didn’t alert you to maybe pick it up or to see who it was on the caller i.d.?”

“i was reading.”

it is the new alex rider book. so i can understand. sort of. 

Scorpia Rising (Alex Rider)
By Anthony Horowitz

and he is hearing impaired. though in this case, i think it was more “hearing unawared”. but FORTY RINGS?!?!??!?!

that ends our emergency new break. now back to your regularly scheduled program. tune in again next week for another exciting story from our ongoing series entitled “lea loses her mind and never finds it again”. good day to you all...