woot woot...

i would like to thank (or curse) my friend dina for introducing me to the woot shirt of the day


every day they feature a different graphic tshirt for $10 (no shipping or handling cost, just $10). some days i don’t understand the shirts. some days i don’t want the shirt. but some days, i LOVE the shirt. and some days, it makes me laugh really hard. and i would get a kick out of wearing some of them around and seeing what people said...

that penguin/bunny shirt is now rosie’s favorite. and maxx loves his two woot shirts (and he will also love a couple i ordered him for christmas). they are really so soft and get better with washing. and so much more satisfying than shopping at aber”crap”bie (which we don’t do, b.t.w). so it is woot for us.

i even ordered one for me in october

and how ‘bout that duct tape homemade belt that maxx sports? really, don’t send us $$$, we can afford a belt for him. (hmmm, on second thought, do send $$$. momma needs a new pair of shoes). he is practicing up for the make your own prom dress and tux out of duct tape contest. start small with a belt and one day he will have a college scholarship from duct tape. so appropriate for a boy who makes EVERYTHING out of duct tape.