summer solstice...

not that a visit from my college roomie dina is solstice like. but this little bloggy break has been solsticey...

this was the first time in years that dina and i were together ALONE without other friends around us. but dina is like 30 friends at once.

she is the friend who makes you laugh until your sides hurt.

the one who makes you shred with her every day until your whole body hurts. 

the one who has the most fun and easiest to entertain kids. 

the one who helps you pack your three kids for camp. and packs the exact way you think they should be packed even if she thinks it is a tad obsessive.

the one who does most of the obsessive packing work while you gather things to be packed.

the one who watches “house bunny” with you while packing. (note that we did NOT let the kids watch that movie with us while we were packing)

the one who makes up better songs for “sunday school musical” than are actually in the movie (and by the way, “house bunny” had a better plot and ending lesson than “sunday school musical” and i wonder what the guy at the movie store thought when we rented “house bunny” AND “sunday school musical” at the same time.)

the one who eats 18 wings and CRUSHES your daughter in a wing eating contest.

the one who stays up late to go see the new harry potter movie.

the one who drinks lots of coffee to make it through the movie.

the one who survives your cranky 10 year old the day after the 3:”oh” 10 bedtime.

the one that makes time fly so fast that when she is with you for almost a week, it actually only feels like a few minutes.