i love these girls.


when anyone asks me how millie has like her public school middle school experience, i always answer them with this caveat....

she has LOVED middle school BUT that is mostly due to the fact that she has a GREAT group of friends.

4 out of 6 of these gals will be going onto high school with her. the other two are zoned for different high schools. that makes me a little sad.

but knowing that some of my closest friends through high school were NOT at my school makes it a bit easier to take the pain.

and being the gift giver that i am, i bought each of these girls a silver bracelet with a Scripture verse on it... and don’t go to loli and the bean looking for these bracelets because i bought them all out....

and i am writing each girl a note expressing how thankful i am for their friendship to millie AND i am using a Bible verse in each note... AND it comes from today’s proverb. imagine my happiness....

so to combine TWO things i need to do today into ONE writing exercise... here is my proverbially living blog for may 27th/proverbs 27...

dear _______________ (insert girl’s name here),

this is a small little thank you gift for the wonderful friend that you are to millie and the joy that you have brought to me through your faithfulness to our girls’ Bible study. 

for a few years now i have read a chapter in proverbs everyday, the chapter that goes with the day of the month. so today i read proverbs 27 since it is the 27th day of may.

and two of my favorite verses about friendship are in that chapter...

the first one is...

 proverbs 27:9 
Perfume and incense bring joy to the heart,
and the pleasantness of one's friend 
springs from his earnest counsel.

perfume and all the things that we do to smell good are nice and pleasant and you are always a good smelling gal BUT there is something that makes being around you even more wonderful... 

it is your earnest counsel (which literally means your “active advice” or “purposeful conversation”). 

you are so much more than what you “put on” (whether it be nice perfume, make-up, or adorable clothes). your value to me and to millie has been your earnest counsel. i have loved chatting with you over the kitchen table, at Bible study times, and in many, many, oh so many carpool rides. 

and the other verse that i love in that chapter of proverbs is...

 proverbs 27:17 
As iron sharpens iron,
so one friend sharpens another.

you are part of a group of sharp young women and you help keep each other sharp!

another meaning of the word “iron” is “strength”. so the verse can mean “strength sharpens strength”. everyone has different strengths and together you can make each other stronger by your friendship. 

not that there won’t be sparks flying sometimes or difficult times as friends (you all aren’t EXACTLY alike)... but that is all a part of the sharpening process. if you choose to take the good times with the hard times, then you all will grow strong as friends and as young women.

and so thank you for putting up with millie (i know she can be a bit difficult at times, she is a lot like her mother), for your faithfulness as a friend and as young women growing in the Truth and in Grace.

i love you and am proud to call you MY friend as well.