true secret of happiness...

“The true secret of happiness lies

in the taking a genuine interest

in all the details of daily life.”

-William Morris

i need to remember this when my life is so very DAILY. for example today was very daily... i did a bunch o' laundry. cleaned out the fridge. and then i took a genuine interest in the state of my oven. and cleaned it. it isn't self-cleaning any more (unless by "self" you mean "myself".) so i did the baking soda sprinkled all over it and then covered that with paper towels soaked in vinegar. it foamed up nicely. i gave it a few hours to party with the vinegar froth (cleaned out maxx's closet. ugh. that place is a dead zone) and then i scraped and scrubbed away in the ole' oven and now it is lovely-ish. well, at least it won't smell like burning burned stuff whenever i cook something in it.

baking soda + vinegar = the dynamic duo of cleaning. KA-POW. 

see how genuinely interesting all the details of daily life are...