my resume...

just how am i qualified to write a whole month of blog posts on the topic of musical theater? well, not very qualified.

BUT i have appeared on stage in three musicals throughout my life. the first was fiddler on the roof. when i did the “tallahassee children’s theater” (now called young actors theater) after school drama program. it wasn’t nearly as world famous as it is now. that is why they let me be jewish girl #5 in their production. i had one solo line of the song matchmaker if memory serves me correct. my mother said i was the best one on the stage.

the second was my senior year of high school. my class wanted to put on a musical. the musical grease. and with a few modifications (we took out some of the controversial pg13 rated items) and i auditioned and played jan. one of the pink ladies. my parents said i was the best one on the stage. i think there is a vhs tape of that production. i would have to watch it again to confirm their critique.

then a few years ago, young actors theater asked me to appear in their fundraiser “celebrity” edition of high school musical. to be honest i am no celebrity (notice that i am not featured on the news clip.) i only agreed because millie was heading to high school and her high school principal was going to be in the production (basketball uniform in the middle of the front row) and i wanted him to know my name. it was a lot of fun and i got to know some great local celebrities. and i became a tad bit weary of people asking, “so who are you? what do you do?” i finally settled on a great answer...”i run a small non profit that invests heavily in the lives of a few children/teenagers for a concentrated period of time in order to keep them off the streets and hopefully turn them into productive citizens.”  they stopped asking. 

and on a side note, i was SO successful in getting to know the principal of the high school that he and i are now great friends. one day when i was leaving the school with maxx, he came over to my car to chat with me for a minute and then as we pulled away maxx commented, “my principal just called my mom ‘sweetie’. awkward.” he is a GREAT guy and based on his performance on the stage vs. his performance as principal... he shouldn’t quit his day job. 

on another side note, the gal who played the lead girl (in the blue cardigan on the front row) does head up the local boys town nonprofit in tallahassee. and maxx just did his eagle scout project for them. another plus of being in that production and getting to know some local “celebrities”. 

i played the drama teacher. shocking. and my husband said i was the best one on the stage. i have that show on dvd. i might watch it again to confirm his critique. or i might just choose to believe him...