a good ending...

for the school year (hopefully). this week was a “special dress up day” EVERY DARN day. 

monday- what i want to be when i grow up (hence the photo of the explored, scientist, and lawyer, or as my one friend called the photo “revenge of the nerds, part 3”)


tuesday- favorite team outfit

wednesday- some other thing that i had to find a costume for at 9 at night and i have blotted form my memory because it was a painful experience that involved tears and gnashing and wailing of teeth (those were all my symptoms). 

thursday- decades day

friday- red and white day (this one was easy- thank goodness because i am costumed OUT)

now here is my idea of how this last full week of school SHOULD go...

monday- wear whatever your mom bought you and you haven’t worn until now because you don’t like it but your mom does like it and now she will feel like she didn’t waste her money

tuesday- wear something dirty that hasn’t been washed yet

wednesday- wear whatever your mom tells you to wear without pouting and saying “where are my favorite jeans? why haven’t you washed my favorite jeans yet?”

thursday- wear that same dirty outfit from tuesday because your mom still hasn’t done laundry because she is attending the 101 end of the year parties, concerts, sports banquets, plays, etc...etc...feel nauseous...pull out all your hair... good Lord in heaven will it ever end?

friday- wear your p.j.s because your mom cannot muster up the energy to put out any clothes, nor are there any clean clothes for you anyway.

and that folks is a recap of this week. suffice it to say, i CANNOT wait until next thursday when the kids are home from school and they are all mine and there are not folders to sign, field trip notes to fill out, pto newsletters to type up, breakfast set out at 6:30 and lunches ready and on the counter before that, and the myriad of other school tasks that HAVE to HAVE to be done RIGHT NOW or life will come to a screeching halt. 

i love a good ending, i love a good ending to a book (which is really hard to find), i love a play with a GREAT song at the end (think Godspell or Wicked), i love a series finale that wraps everything up (not that Lost is going to do that, but i will be watching it anyway, just in case). i love things that end for a while. i wouldn’t do well with year round NON-ending school. perhaps i am just anticipating the ending of this world when we will enter the eternal summer in heaven when ALL things imperfect will end and all that will remain is JOY and Sonshine and no alarm clocks and no daily behavior sheets to sign and no pto meetings EVER EVER AGAIN!