artsy one...

really, i am. i read poetry, i have a favorite poet even (christina rossetti). i read plays for fun and understand shakespeare. i LOVE going to art museums and took a walking “homes by frank lloyd wright” tour BY MYSELF in the freezing rain in chicago because i am an art lover. 

but there is a line, and adam and i crossed it going to see “across the universe” at the $ theater the other night. he only went because it had beatles music in it and because he thought i would like it. and i did like it, up to a point and that was the point where in my head i went “i am not getting this. i am artsy, but not THIS artsy”.

on another note (and yet, kind of on the same note), we cleaned up christmas today. as we were sweeping up all the pine needles that our DEAD tree left in its wake, rosie said, “christmas is messy”. 

i answered her “maybe that was how God wanted it to be so that we would realize that it was our mess that he was cleaning up by sending His son.”

rosie responded, “mom, i don’t know what you are talking about a lot of the time, but you always sound good.”

and of course i told her, “that’s because i am artsy”.

and rosie again with, “and a good sweeper”.

so true...