tis the season...

for weddings. seems that if one teaches a senior/grad college student Bible study class, one attends MANY weddings in the summer. i swear that i am going to start teaching on “don’t get married, live together” (hee hee hee, of course, i am not teaching on this. even though it would save us boocoos of money, time, shower throwing, and dress buying). frankly i am THRILLED that in this age of throw away relationships that we have many students who choose to COMMIT their lives to one another and to serving and loving God together.

this photo is from the friday night wedding. and today (saturday) we have an outdoor afternoon sweatfest/wedding (no tent, just sitting in the hot florida sun). this is our only two-fer weekend. but for the next three weekends we have weddings to attend, here and in various remote locations around florida, so get your wedding attire on and be ready to avoid the rice, because the marshalls are practiced up. 

needless to say, my children are EXPERTS on wedding etiquette at young ages. maxx knows that the bride is supposed to walk down the aisle at the time written on the invitation (though that is becoming a lost custom). still maxx wears his watch and does a countdown for how late the bride is on her journey to her nuptials. rosie can identify the salad fork and the dessert fork and likes to bang either fork on the glass so that the bride and groom have to kiss. and millie has the running color commentary of which bridesmaid dresses are the prettiest and most flattering to everyone. all worthy skills indeed.


i tried so hard to get this picture of the my girls and adam as they watched this beautiful bride dance with her father. i know that i will turn around and it will be one of them dancing with adam. all the weddings will blur into the ones that really matter to me- their weddings. all of these little weddings (don’t you know all of my college students would LOVE that i just referred to their weddings as the “little weddings”) will melt away as the BIG ones occur.

maxx’s bride WILL walk down the aisle in a timely manner as he checks his watch for the umpteenth time. rosie’s guests will clink their salad or dessert forks on their glasses for her to kiss her handsome groom. and millie will be surrounded by her sister/cousins/girlfriends in some beautiful/flattering bridesmaid gowns all in a mere breath of time from now. i will watch them dance with their father and i will most likely be taking pictures because that is what i do to keep from crying...