spring break is the bomb.com

and by the bomb.com, i don’t mean this story from tallahassee today...

fsu bomb scare caused by nickname confusion

seems that if your friend’s nickname is BOMB, you might not want to write that on a briefcase and leave it in the parking garage for your pal to “pick up later”... can you guess who is NOT getting a scholarship to fsu next year?

anyway i digress.


oh, that is NOT our dog in the above photo. millie and i were dog sitting for the bride from the previous post for the rehearsal dinner and we took the dogs for a walk and took a lot of pictures.

onto the quote and thought(s) of the day...

“don’t let a day pass without recording it,
whether something interesting happens or not...
something interesting happens every day”
{virginia woolf}

so what happened interesting today...

i washed ALL the sheets on one day. 5 beds (two in maxx’s room lest the rumor mill begin that adam and i sleep in separate beds). 5 beds stripped, 5 sets of sheets, blankets, comforters, and lots of pillow cases washed and ALL put back on the beds. we all only have one set of sheets for each bed. we have NO linen closet or linen storage in this house, so everyone has one set of sheets and one towel and you use your item, wash it, and get it back on the bed or towel rack a.s.a.p. that is how we roll. limited linen rolling.

was that interesting? i don’t think so. unless you have some sheet or towel fetish (and let me know if you do because i could totally tell you LOTS more about sheets and towels and really make your day)...

we are packing to go to a wedding this weekend. jo’s wedding in bradenton and i am praying in the wedding (like praying out loud in front of everyone).

i still don’t know quite what i am praying. but i might be bold enough to use this little line that i have been thinking about (it is something that i read a while back but have been thinking of ever since i read it)....

“may they have enough blessing that they know Your hand is upon them and enough difficulty to force them to always hold on to each other and to You”.

whew, that is a lot to pray for isn’t it? would you want someone to pray for difficulty for you at your wedding? (hey, jo, you aren’t allowed to answer that question since it is your wedding). i wouldn’t, but then again, i didn’t ask myself to pray for myself at my wedding and now with 17 years under my belt, i realize that is exactly what we all need in marriage. we need ups AND we need downs or we will never know the true joy of marriage and togetherness and how to live through the best AND the worst with a person. maybe that is why we vow...

“to have AND to hold from this day forward, for better, (AND) for worse, for richer, (AND) for poorer, in sickness AND health, until death do us part."

there has to be worse to know the better, there has to be poorer to know richer, there has to be sickness to know health. there has to be the fall down, to know that the other person will be there to pick you up. 

blessing to know His hand is there and hard times so we have to trust His hand when we don’t see it. 

in my body pump class at the gym last week, the instructor asked at one point if our legs were shaking while we were doing our 2,454,827 squat and i have to say that mine were shaking a LOT at that time. she then said, “GOOD, because that means that you are making a change in your body”. 

i thought about that all day long... only when we shake, do we change. only when God shakes our world, our foundation, do we start to change, do we allow Him to change us, do we begin the hard process to change ourselves. shaking leads to change (if we allow it to do its work)...

and we don’t shake when things are easy, we don’t shake when we sit on the couch. we shake when we do our 4,568, 939th squat. we don’t shake when all goes right and everything is status quo, we shake when our lives are turned upside down. we don’t shake on our happy days, we shake in sadness we don’t shake when there is sunshine and birdies singing, we shake when things are dark and we are afraid. 

and hopefully shaking makes us hold on to what doesn’t shake.... the unshakable Lord. 

and hopefully when we as a couple shake, we hold on to each other and both reach out for the One who doesn’t shake. and better yet, as we shake, we begin to change. we rely less on all the things that can be shaken (our finances, our pretty clothes, our nice house, our job) and we concentrate on the things that really matter. shaking can shake off all the things that hinder us from loving God with ALL our heart, mind, and strength and loving each other. shaking is hard, change is hard, and doing hard things is the ONLY way to grow and become more than we were yesterday. more of what God made us to be. shake off the world that gets so stuck to us sometimes. 

so, i guess i will start by praying it for myself, Lord, shake me, don’t break me...

and yes, i would like fries with that shake, Lord... (i couldn’t resist that one)

ok, that was MUCH more interesting than the laundry part. but there has to be boring AND interesting for you to appreciate the interesting part.... and by the way, i did NOT even plan the boring/interesting scenario, it just happened that way. i am good like that.