happy mother's day...

i woke up early this morning and wrote an entire sappy mother’s day homage to my mom, crying big fat tears the whole time, and right as i was finished...

our power went out.

i think it was nice message from God (who likes to smite things to get my attention) to stop whining and just do the day in a way that HONORS my mom, not mourns her...

so i got myself up from the computer, got dressed (in the dark), woke the two children up who had to be at church at 8:30 (an hour and a half earlier than usual because they were singing today. let’s just chat for a moment about how mother’s day should be a day that the MOTHER is able to sleep in and not have to go to church EARLY and for two services... but i digress and digress with much bitterness).

i made 20 hamburger patties( in the dark), emptied the dishwasher from last night’s dinner (in the dark), are you sensing a theme here with the permeating darkness, fed those two children breakfast and skidaddled off to church with hair and makeup looking like someone who had gotten ready IN THE DARK. i came home early from the second service to get ready for lunch for my family, adam’s mom (who came down this weekend to stay with us), and some special invited guests (mr, and mrs. gardner). and thank goodness the power was back on for the food that needed to go into the oven!

just in case you think i am a martyr, i did manage a nice starbucks trip (since i couldn’t make tea at my house this morning) with a friend from church (we skipped part of sunday school, but since we had to be at church for two services we thought we deserved a little break).

we had a nice lunch with the family. my dad and mr. gardner played the wii and i think my dad beat him at tennis with all the grandkids cheering him on to victory. after everyone left and all was cleaned up, adam and i took the kids to see the movie “speed racer” this afternoon while adam’s mom rested at the house.

o.k. i have to admit that i LOVED speed racer. i love that his mom talked about how when he raced he made art. i tried to think about what i do that i am so passionate about, that i would do no matter what the cost, that is almost like making art.

and i decided that it is car racing.


and it certainly isn’t blogging, though i do like blogging. i don’t think i have reached the making art level. the making doo doo level, perhaps...

i hope that the thing i do that is art-like is the way i love God and love people. i hope that the things i do with my family and my friends and those i interact with anywhere and at anytime resonates with others as a piece of the finest artwork. i hope that my life makes others think deeply, love passionately, and search for Truth in the only place it is ever found, with God. i want my life to beautify this little corner of an ugly world. 

and not this kind of art...a bag filled with trash that is actually a work of “art” that the janitors mistake for trash and throw out of the museum.

more like this kind of art...

“Our situation today shows that beauty demands for itself 

at least as much courage and decision as do truth and goodness, 

and she will not allow herself to be separated and banned from her two sisters 

without taking them along with herself in an act of mysterious vengeance.” 
{Hans Urs von Balthasar} 

yes, i am all about the mysterious vengeance of beauty, courage, decision, truth and goodness. or as my beth moore bible study this week said... “being a vessel of confrontational goodness”. i want that on a t-shirt... “i am merely vessel of confrontational goodness”. doesn’t that just sound like a t-shirt i need?

also, i hope my kids don’t grow up to race cars. because no matter what susan sarandon may say... i would have a hard time watching them race cars around a track and seeing “art” instead of “hospital visits aplenty”. 

so in case you were hoping for a sappy “i miss my mother” blog, you only missed out on that because the power went out. too bad because it was a real tear jerker, two tissue blog.

i do miss my mother, but i know she is with her mother this mother’s day and i have way too many wonderful memories to sustain me through any sadness. i am only a good mother because she was such a good mother. i will not diminish her legacy by being any less than she would expect me to be...

which is a race car driver...