monday morning...

only one more monday morning until SUMMER. we have three weeks of school left, but the last week starts on memorial day so no school on the monday.

i cannot wait until summer. i LOVE me some summer. i think it is the sleeping in that really is my favorite. and by sleeping in, i mean something later than 6:00 a.m. i mean something where the alarm clock doesn’t go off in the pitch blackness of our room (and we do not have windows that are fully covered to create this pitch blackness, the pitch blackness is a little thing called IT IS TOO DARN EARLY FOR EVEN THE SUN TO BE UP. i have this LOVE/HATE relationship with getting up early. it makes my day go better, i feel better, i am a better mom, i have a wonderful quiet time with the Lord, and still it is a struggle everyday.

i did read something that helped me a little bit with the getting up though. in the Bible when God is creating the world it says... “it was night and it was day...” in that order. so that means that God sees night as first, where as we see day as first and night coming after. God is at work all through the night and we wake up to join Him in the work He has already started. we think we wake up and start the work, but really we wake up and God has already been up all night doing His work and we are just coming on in the middle of the story. which is pretty cool. except that i wish i could wait for another chapter or two to be done before i come on into the story, certainly God doesn’t need me to show up in His story until chapter 7 or 8:00? 

my LOVE/HATE relationship with sleep is a lot like my relationship with exercise. i love it when i get into it, i feel better, i am a better person all day, i sleep better at night, i feel stronger, i don’t gasp for breath when i walk up the 52 flights of stairs that are at our church (and those of you who go to our church know that is the gospel truth), and yet it is still a struggle everyday to lace up those shoes and go to the gym or to run or to bike.

which brings me back to my “do hard things” entry about that book that i read “do hard things: a rebellion against teenage low expectations” and had millie read and told everyone who had a teenager to read.... have you read it yet? aren’t you all doing exactly what i tell you to do? do you all have a LOVE/HATE relationship with me and my blog? do we all need therapy?

millie and i have decided that the first “hard thing” that we are attempting will be a triathlon! we want to do one of those sprint triathlons (the danskin one). she has already been swimming and biking once to start her training and we will start running together twice a week this summer. she is very excited and so am i. 

we want to do the disneyworld triathlon on mother’s day next year (yes, it will take us a year to work up to that massive 1/4 mile swim, 10 mile bike, and 2 mile run). i have done that one in the past and it is a lot of fun! anyone else out there who would like to do that one, please let me know and we can all go together! registration is usually after new years and it fills up fast! after new years, i can put up a training schedule for us all. won’t that be fun fun fun? see three times the fun because it is a triathlon!!!! am i feeding the HATE part of our LOVE/HATE relationship with that kind of humor?

thank you to so many of you who called, texted, emailed, or however you contacted me on mother’s day to let me know that you were thinking and praying for me. it was a good day, not a great day, but a good day. i felt God’s hand of peace on me and that made it a good day.