yeah, i have nothing to tell you people...

so i will send you into the weekend with some great quotes that i have collected recently.

even if i have nothing good to say, other people do...

“The letters of the name of God in Hebrew are yod, hay, vav, and hay. 
They are infrequently pronounced Yahweh. But in truth they are inutterable….
This word is the sound of breathing. The holiest name in the world, the Name of Creator, 
is the sound of your own breathing. 
That these letters are unpronounceable is no accident. 
Just as it is no accident that they are also the root letters of the Hebrew verb ‘to be’… 
God’s name is name of Being itself.”
{rabbi lawrence kushner}

"We talk of lost ideals, but perhaps they are not lost, only changed; 
when our ideal for ourselves and for our children becomes limited to prosperity and comfort, 
we get these, very likely, for ourselves and for them, 
but we get no more."
{charlotte mason}

“That which we persist in doing becomes easier, 
not that the task itself has become easier, 
but that our ability to perform it has improved. ”
{ralph waldo emerson (1803-1882), essayist, poet, philosopher}

The Chinese symbol for “busy” contains the characters for “heart” and “death/loss.”  
When we are insanely busy, we can feel as if we lose contact with the heart of what really matters to us.  {unknown}

"Loving God means the thankful acceptance of all things that His love has appointed."
{elisabeth elliot}

“Democracy is being allowed to vote for the candidate you dislike least.” 
{robert byrne}