tropical storm/smopical storm...

well, that is what my husband thought.... i stayed inside all day and watched the weather channel. i love a good day inside curled up on the couch as the air conditioner keeps it a balmy 68 degrees (adam was SO sure that our electricity would turn off at any moment, so he wanted to keep the house nice and cool/freezing for when that occurred. it never occurred. my dad, sister, and brother all lost power, but our frost on the inside of the windows home kept on producing frost and electricity and hot water and weather channel television all day).

we like to play
we like to play outside in fay
play in fay all day
while the rain comes down we play play play.

(i thought i was dr. suess for a moment there)

don't all good mothers let their children play outside in a tropical storm? well, i was the one inside saying, “shouldn’t the kids come in now?” to my husband. and where was my husband, you all ask....

in a tree
that is not where one should be
as the rain comes down in inches of plenty.
yes, a day so rainy
is not the day to climb a tree.
unless of course, you are married to lea.
and have lots of life insurance money
to leave her for her life of luxury.
(still in a suessical mood)

yes, that is adam up in the tree trying to get a large branch that fell from another tree that is stuck in that tree down because he was bored sitting in the house listening to the weather channel say the same thing over and over.... "if you are driving and come to a place in the road that is covered with water, TURN AROUND, DON'T DROWN!" very catchy.... perhaps they should have a slogan like, “COME INSIDE WHEN THERE IS A TROPICAL STORM AND DON’T BE DOING YARD WORK DURING THAT TIME!” but they don’t have that slogan and even if they did, adam wouldn’t have heard it because he was out hauling fallen tree branch to the side of the road. oh yes, look how proud he is of getting that branch unstuck and to the front curb all ready for the rest of the storm to hit....

note that there are no photos of millie or i out in the rain. we were inside watching the weather channel which is where GOD intends for people to be durning tropical storms....

and about 30 minutes later (while he was up in the front yard cleaning up some more debris) another part of the tree came crashing down (at least not on top of him). our shed has a cracked roof now.....

and yes, now the storm rages on and adam is out in it cutting up that branch) to take some weight off of the shed roof so the whole thing doesn't collapse because heavens, we wouldn’t want our shed roof to collapse in the MIDDLE OF A TROPICAL STORM, SO LET’S GO OUT WITH THE CHAINSAW ON A LADDER.... (and note that the usage of the word “let’s” means ADAM because i was inside with the kids who i now made come in lest another tree fall in their vicinity)...

at least it is a gas chainsaw (note that this photo is taken through the window, no one but adam is brave enough/stupid enough to be outside and i am thinking that i might need photos when i nominate him for the darwin awards OR when i claim that HUGE insurance check).

and then he climbed up on this ladder (before it looked quite that bent) WITH the chainsaw to work on the branch on the roof. he sawed off one piece, another fell and hit the ladder, it bent and he fell off of the roof WITH the chainsaw still running and as he put it.... "the ground broke my fall". 

he is fine and did decide to stop working and come inside for a hot shower and to watch the weather channel. my guess is that he will be back on that roof today in between thunderstorms. do notice that there are NO pictures of him on the ground... a girl has to stop taking photos and help her husband (or just say "what the $%^&^%$$ were you thinking being on the roof with the chainsaw") every now and then....

adam took a dive.
yet he is still alive.
no insurance money,
but thank God i still have my honey.
now he is on the couch, 
but NEVER EVER call him a slouch!