off the road again...


i am home. here is a recap of the last 6 days numerically...

1592 miles.

2 kids dropped off at camps (one at crestridge for girls and one at ridgecrest for boys.)

2 nights in 2 different holiday inn expresses. one night on the "executive floor" in an "executive suite". one night in a regular room. no difference in the two rooms except as an executive member i got a bottle of water. 

3 nights in various and sundry friends' homes along the way. thank you facebook for the ability to give a shout out of "i will be in your area. do you have a guest room?" nope, i am not above that. even though i am an executive sometimes according to holiday inn express.

6 college tours. 6 college presentations. 6 times of hearing how %&^$%^# expensive college will be for us times 3 children.

598,566,473 times that i said to myself, "self, you should be a millionaire. self, you would be such a cute millionaire."

1 book on cd. still not finished. took some breaks from the french revolution every now and then to rejoin the present time.

2 colleges she liked. 2 i liked. and MIRACLE UPON MIRACLE they were the same 2.

0 colleges we can afford without her obtaining MAJOR scholarship help. or this blog going viral and me winning blogger of the year. make it happen people. make it happen.