when my friends come to visit...

it seems that EVERYONE of millie's friends also wanted to come and hang out. which isn't that unusual. her friends do enjoy movie nights over here. and popcorn. and an occasional dinner.

but i think the big draw this weekend might have been one of our house guests. seems that he is real popular with the high school kids. 

but mostly the hale brothers are real popular with us. i was friends with all three of the hale kids back in the day. mike and i were the same age and in youth group together. we went to different high schools but ended up doing a lot of things at each other's school and having a lot of the same friends. we ended up both going to furman (i think he was stalking me.) he introduced me to adam. so i have him to thank/curse for that. mostly thank.

tony and i were 4 years apart in age (me being older) but he and i had acting and the love of theater in common. their older sister kim and i took a summer class at fsu together one summer just for funzies. i spent so much time at their house that their parents, mike and rita, could have claimed me on their tax return. there was also that one time that i decorated their BRAND NEW CAR with toothpaste. in case you are unaware (as i was) toothpaste will eat through the paint on a BRAND NEW CAR thus leaving a permanent happy face drawing on the hood of your parents' brand new car. they didn't seem too upset. they were those kind of people. i think they laughed about it and gave me an ice cream sandwich.

tony likes to come to town to relive his high school memories. most of which consist of being beat up by his high school bully and mike and i laughing at his hopes and dreams of being taller than us and/or famous. both he achieved handily. and i bet his high school bully regrets picking on tony. well, in between drunken stupors i bet he regrets it. don't you s.r.? see i even know his name. but won't out him here. he wasn't my bully. that was john macdonald. you can only out your own bullies on your blog. 

it is quite fun to traverse tallahassee with tony in tow. as he get recognized very frequently and i end up taking a lot of cell phone photos of he and our waiter. he and the bartender. he and the girl at the candy store counter. i like being "friend of famous people." i could get used to it. it will also get your free drinks. take that high school bully.

mostly i like being friend of the hale family. i am used to that. they are HILARIOUS. and it was my friendship with them while i was in high school that made me believe that i was funny (maybe they oversold that issue with me because i do find myself quite amusing) and that i was worth listening to. the hales are always good listeners. and good laughers. that is a great combination. 

plus, they gave me some of the family furniture. maxx's beds were mike and tony's beds growing up. i hope tony becomes even more famous because those things are going on ebay the minute that happens...