tomorrow we will head down to the beach house for our family's annual 4th of july extravaganza. sponsored by blue cross/blue shield insurance agency. because one year we are going to need that insurance agency. it is like an exercising in tempting fate every year. 

i am not saying that my family is a bunch of pyromaniacs. but i am not NOT saying it either.

here are a couple of photos from last year's fireworks display... the best ones are the ones where you can see a faint outline of someone RUNNING away from a firework that they just lit. i love those.

maxx will miss the fireworks this year (and thus keep all his limbs for another year) since he is scuba diving at sea base boy scout camp in the keys. he will be home JUST in time to wash a load of clothes, repack, and head out on our cruise with us. his life is rough. pray for him.

saw this satire of a political ad today and i have to say that if this guy actually ran for anything EVERY member of my pyrotechnical family would vote for him. heck, we would be out lip syncing to kate perry's firework song WHILE we were holding signs on a street corner for him. hopefully with all our arms, fingers, eyes, and some of our hearing left. but most likely with our eyebrows singed off.