tuesday on & off the boat...

so tuesday was prince edward island day. and you will recognize that name ONLY if you were a huge fan of the anne of green gables series of books. or pbs television show. which would include such fanatics as MYSELF. i love me some anne (with an "e") of g.g.

we had been given as a little giftie from the smitty himself (since we were on staff) a horse drawn carriage or trolley tour around the island. we were on the trolley with audrey assad and hubby. that is how we learned about her horse allergy. they got off mid tour.

we decided not to make the trek to the actual "green gables" tourist site. due to the fact that NO one in my family wanted to go there. except for me. it would have been a bit of a jaunt by cab or bus and taken up most of the day. and more $$ than we wanted to spend on an excursion that only one of us wanted to take. plus as my family liked to mention, SHE WASN'T A REAL PERSON. SHE DIDN'T REALLY LIVE THERE. they are such sticklers for things like that. however they were all for the trip to harry potter world earlier in the year. just sayin'...

but the island itself is beautiful. and the trolley ride was very cool (unless you are allergic to horses.) then maxx and rosie went back on the ship to swim and play games with the branyans. millie, adam and i walked around the town a bit more. i took some photos for millie's senior photo shoot (which may extend into several countries and several months.)

there was a michael w. smith concert that evening. and scott macintyre (from american idol season 11) played in the piano bar for the late night event. i only know about the late night event because maxx and millie took a break from game playing to attend that event. they said he was great. i won't relay the story about how it was a couple of days into the cruise and a couple of events where scott had already been on stage or sitting RIGHT BY US until millie realized he was actually blind. she thought his cane was part of his swag. sigh. and the fact that his sweet wife helped him walk up to the piano each time... she thought she was just being sweet. sigh.

you may notice from the photo gallery that our friend, mike, won the smingo grand prize. a platinum record signed by michael w. smith himself. he was VERY excited. all the smingo $$$ raised goes to samaritan's purse. in all they raised over $80, 000 with smingo and some matching gifts from some philanthropic cruisers. also on the cruise were 4 soldiers and their families from the wounded warrior project. they were given the cruise as a gift from michael w. smith who supports that project also. i was able to chat with a few of these brave men and their even braver wives one day. we happened to all sitting around together and i thanked them for their bravery and tried to do it without crying like a baby. they were soooooo young. the wives barely looked older than millie. very humbling. very moving. and i am very grateful to them and was glad to be able to tell them that in person.