girls and curls...

took a little day trip today to the beach house to see my nieces, victoria and daphne. they live outside of nashville so i don’t see them as often as i would like to. which means that when i do see them i go a little camera crazy. but PLEASE PEOPLE LOOK AT THOSE CURLS?!?!?!?!? and those cheeks. and the deep brown eyes. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMY. for a gal with hormonal teenagers at her house, this is heaven. heaven heaven heaven. especially since when they get fussy there is a momma to hand them off to. heavenly.

and today while you peruse all the loveliness that is my nieces you can listen to the song of the day. which is the first solo song from the winner of american idol. now i am not an american idol watcher. but about the time the winner was singing this finale song on the show last night my facebook status update feed was on FIRE with all my idol watching friends talking about it. seems that a lot of my friends are moms with teenage daughters. and this song made them all CRY LIKE BABIES. especially the ones whose teenage daughters happen to be graduating right about now.

so i had to take a listen to the song. and cry a tear or two of my own. so this is dedicated to moms and daughters and baby nieces who play in the water and have deeelicious curls and smiles for their aunt lea-lea... “like my mother does” by lauren alaina. i can only hope and pray that one day my girls feel this way about their mother. of course my eldest won’t ever dedicate this song to me because she HATES country music. she says that she can prove that listening to country music lowers your brain functions... which i think is false BUT could explain some things about my college gpa.