weekend in review...

maxx had the state cross country meet. and his team came in FIRST place. WHOO HOO! it was a great day. he finished in the top 100 (of over 500 runners) and ran his fastest time yet. and even though he wasn’t in the top individually, he was part of the winning team. which reminds me of this race that we run. we will finish victorious, not because of our great time, but because of whose team we are on. the One we are running after has already crossed the finish line for us. thanks goodness, because my “running” is never going to even come close to an actual qualifying time.

after the race maxx and i visited florida southern college. the campus that frank lloyd wright designed. maxx and i loved walking around the beautiful campus and peeking into windows to see glimpses of f.l.l.w. he wanted to see EVERY building along the mile long esplanades.

adam surprised rosie by taking her to disney for the day. they had earned day passes to any park with the “give a day, get a day” program last year and it was one of the last weekends of the year when we could foresee them doing this. you may be able to read her emotions from the above photo. 

then home again after 10 hours of driving for 13 minutes of running. but it was well worth it. adam and rosie were gone ALL day. they left from lakeland and then straight over to orlando and they waited until after the fireworks to head home. it was a LONG day for adam.