vote for rosalea...

this is her one poster that she was allowed to make. one poster and one 30 second speech. and then she added, “plus who we are and what people know about us already”. which leads me to believe that the whole election process would go better if ALL candidates were allowed only one poster and one 30 second speech.  then the rest would be based on how they acted day in and day out. who they were and what people knew about them already.

i am just giving my two cents into the whole political process. perhaps if we ran them more like elementary school elections... i mean i am not sure that wouldn’t elevate the whole thing into a much higher level of civility and consciousness...

and along with my political suggestion i will be present for your admiration the one adorable poster. which rosalea made all by herself. it was her idea and i took the photos that she wanted me to take and she pulled it all together. she is quite the little print shop whiz.


my favorite part is that i asked her if she wanted to use some money from my wallet and she thought it would be better if she used her own money. it was more real if it was her actual money not her mom’s. 

another lesson for the political candidates to consider.