let freedom ring...

these are maxx’s new running shoes by vibram. they are crazy cool. emphasis on the “crazy” part. they are supposed to be as close to running barefoot as you can get. you have to be measured for them in centimeters. he earned enough $$$ to buy them by mowing lawns. and he LOVES them. and by “them” i mean he loves the shoes... not sure he loves the lawns that he mows.

the best part is that you can throw them in the washer (NOT the dryer). and they dry up so quickly. which is great, if you have a boy who trail runs through mud a lot. and they go with EVERYthing. well, if you are a teenage boy, they go with EVERYthing that you wear. 

we are off to the beach house today for the 4th weekend. and then our former neighbors from atlanta come down for a week. and karen and i scrapbook our brains out. just kidding. we don’t have any brains to scrap out. but we try. oh, do we try. 

i hope that you and yours have a wonderful LONG weekend. and that you have a pair of shoes that make you as happy as this pair of shoes makes maxx. 

oh, and if you want a pair... head to the shoebox. i had never been there before. it is HUGE and has vibrams and lots of other very nice walking, running, hiking, or at least look like you do those things shoes. and really really nice people working there.