dear raa middle school...

in the spirit of FULL DISCLOSURE, i would like to elaborate on the note that i sent yesterday excusing maxx’s absence on tuesday, june 1st. i wrote in a terse message to you that he missed school due to a family event of epic proportions. and i did not lie. i did not even stretch the truth. 


you see, we were at the beach house on monday with this incredible family. the buhler family. perhaps you heard of them? the grandmother is a retired teacher from leon county. the grandfather is a pastor. so maxx was in fine educational and morally upright hands. they brought their grandchildren to the beach house to stay for monday through wednesday. three girls and three boys (who, unlike us, were already out of school).  those three boys pictured in the above photo down at the beach are simeon, samuel, and joshua (or “jawa” as they call him) buhler. they have gone to summer camp with maxx for the last 4 years. they hail from atlanta and alabama. they are all right about his age. they are super cool. and they think that maxx might just be one of their cousins. and i am not telling them any different. 

and so when it came time to leave the beach and head back into town.... i took one look at my boy out there running, swimming, jumping waves, laughing, wrestling, catching starfish, making homemade ice cream in baggies.... and i left him there for another day. school didn’t seem quite as important as what he was doing right then. 

school is long. life is short. time with good friends seems even shorter. 

he will make us whatever work he missed. but he could never make up another perfect june day, skipping school, and hanging out with the buhler boys.

thank you for your understanding. 

and for you enjoyment here are a few photos to show you all of the fun that he would have missed had i drug him in town to go to your very fine educational establishment. 

may your summer contain this much living, loving, and laughing... from, maxx’s mom