vbs week...

because obviously my sanctification process requires more than just a week with teenagers... i need a week with elementary school children too. i really think a week on vacation in hawaii might lead me to a closer walk with Jesus. right???????? who is with me on this???????

though the best part of the week was watching 83 year old mrs. gerry teach the same flannel graph (not board, but GRAPH she calls it) lesson that she most likely taught to me a scant 3 decades ago. that is a long walk of obedience in the same direction. a lot of flannel graphing for the glory of God. 

and then watching my 16 year old daughter teach music to those kids. even though she was tired and her throat hurt and she wanted to still be sleeping. she smiled. and hugged. and sang. and taught. 

it was a good week. for my sanctification process. but not as good as that elusive week in hawaii might be...

psalm 119:90 
Your faithfulness continues 
through all generations; 
You established the earth, 
and it endures.