last monday... "lost" monday...

the LAST monday of school for this year...

the LAST monday of blogging (next monday counts as a holiday and we will be at the beach).

and LOST monday because i stayed up WAY too late last night watching the series finale of LOST. i have watched that show from the VERY first show and have watched it week in and week out. no catching up on on dvd. i am a HUGE fan of that show. loved it. read blogs about it. didn’t understand most of it. thought it had some meaning that i didn’t really totally clue in (not sure i know anyone who did). but i knew it was captivating entertainment. and i loved the character development. the suspense. the relationships. the polar bear. and most of all i liked the idea lived out on the small screen that what we do, who we meet, and that our life experiences matter. every moment matters. in a world increasingly void of taking responsibility for our actions, LOST showed that perhaps we reap what we sow... and sometimes on an island with a smoke monster. 

and speaking of seeing things clearly.... rosalea will be seeing things a bit more clearly now. in her new glasses. 


the most fun was watching her look around right after she put on those glasses. to hear her talk about all those details that she was seeing for the first time. it was fun to be there for that... it reminds me of why i LOVE Christianity. it makes me see details that i might have passed by without seeing before. i know that i see things clearer through the lens of His Word and a Christian worldview. i see experiences as having meaning, purpose, and direction. little things matter. the smallest scenes might have the HUGEST impact once we get to the end of the series. perhaps i don’t know why things happen, but i do know that Someone does. the Director. the Casting Agent. the Producer. the Writer. Someone is working all things together for good. 

and when the credits roll on the series of “lea”, you will all see that ALL credit will have to go to the Director, the Casting Agent, the Producer, and the Writer. i just played the part that i was given. and i hope to have played it well. for my Audience of One. just like lost, it was never what i was expecting, but i wanted to see what was on each and every week. but unlike lost... i was found. thank God, i once was lost but now am found. and being found makes the details a bit more clear sometimes. not always... but i trust the Director’s vision.

and you never thought i could write ONE post about new glasses AND lost and make it make a tiny bit more sense than the series finale, did you?