soup for a group...

so i kind of combined a couple of soup recipes and came up with the pot of yumminess last night...


so here is the recipe...

2 lbs chicken boneless skinless chicken breasts

(mine were from star meats. i buy ALL my meat at star's meat market on tharpe. SUPER prices and WONDERFUL fresh taste.) you could use rotisserie chicken also and skip this step.

i cut the chicken into little pieces. added a good dousing of cumin and cayenne pepper (about a tablespoon of each) and cooked it on the stovetop with a little oil in the bottom of the pot for about 10 minutes. i then took it out of the pot and kept in in a little bowl while the next few steps happened...

while the meat is cooking dice up...

2 onions

2 green peppers

some garlic

add all those fresh veggies to the pot with a little bit of oil and cook that for about 10 minutes till it looks all mushy and the onions are translucent.

now add to those veggies...

4 cups of chicken broth

2 cans white corn (drained)

2 cans rotel tomatoes (drained)

3 cans white beans (drained)

and a packet of taco seasoning.

now throw the meat back in and let it all simmer for a while.

then close to eatin' time add 

12 oz cream cheese

and stir it around till it melts and melds with all the soupiness.

i served it with

grated white cheddar cheese

and a hunk of

corn bread

crumbled up in your bowl.

i would NOT have had the corn bread if i had not put the all call on facebook that i had a TON of soup. one neighbor brought some corn bread that she picked up on her way home and joined us for dinner. i would advise you to make this, invite a neighbor or two or three... and have them bring corn bread. 

i also had another neighbor that was home sick with a nasty cold and her son came and picked up a couple of bowls of soup for her and her family for dinner. feeding the masses via facebook! 

so the 5 of us ate this. a neighbor came over with cornbread. i sent 4 servings to my sick neighbor. and i still have some left over. a good bit left over. i would say it feeds 12-14.