want some good parenting advice...

remember DON'T ASK ME...

but these parenting classes from the village church are a GREAT listen. they are taught by jeff and jen wilkin. the wilkins have 4 children that aren't grown up yet, so these parents may have to eat their words... but they have a lot of good words to say about parenting. 

village church parenting classes with jeff and jen wilkin.

p.s. i will give you this advice... start at the last class listed on the bottom of the page. that is the first class. then work your way up through the classes. if you listen in the wrong order your kids will really turn out wrong. ha.

here is the lovely and wise jen wilkin... doesn't she look like a parenting expert? if only i wore yellow jewelry THEN i could be a parenting expert. and if i had a chair out sitting in a field. and i sat in that chair out in the field. that might help me also... but alas, all my chairs are inside my house and i have no yellow jewelry.