i always think...

that i am the GOOD parent. when comparing adam and myself...


and then adam does these quiet little things. that i don't find out about until later. and i am totally blown away by how he totally gets millie. and totally gets parenting. and how he doesn't even read any parenting books and yet could write one all by himself.

so for millie's birthday weekend she wanted to spend friday night with a group of friends. i was in jacksonville at a track meet with maxx.

adam saw her before she left for the birthday party her friends were throwing her and she was lamenting that SHE had to go and get the pizza for her party. they had asked what else she liked and she said "boiled peanuts" but that no one wanted to bring those to the party. so she was going to go and pick up an order just for herself at red elephant.

she had some kind of coupon code for a free pizza that someone had given her and she couldn't make it work. so adam said he would try it. it didn't work and he ended up (once she had left to go and get the pizza) calling the pizza place and just ordering a couple of pizzas (a few more than she was going to get and had the $ to pay for) and putting them on his credit card. 

then he called red elephant and ordered a couple of boxes of boiled peanuts and paid for those. and texted her to go and pick them up.

he was telling me about this last night. a week after it happened. he said he just wanted her to head off that night to be with her friends knowing that her dad loved her. 

there are moments when i don't worry about her at all. there is no way one can have a Heavenly Father like the one we have and an earthly father like the one she has and not come to some kind of place of peaceful surrender to the grace and love that has been poured out constantly...