THE FORCE was with us all...

first you have to read the story about millie's corsage on the REAL blog (not that this is a FAKE blog.)


let me just sum up the days leading up to the prom as ROUGH. and then up the word to REALLY REALLY REALLY ROUGH. we weren't agreeing on anything about the prom. nothing was satisfying her teenage angst for freedom and doing it HER way.

lots of disagreements. very little joy. actually by friday night NO JOY.

i was hiding out in my car, crying and praying (those two things go together a lot these days) and this verse popped into my mind...

 "The sorrows for the appointed feasts I will remove from you..." (it is zepheniah 3:18 though i could not have told you that without google.)

i was telling God that i guessed this wasn't an appointed feast that was covered by this verse. that there was just nothing that could redeem this event for us and that it was ok. we would get through the day. but could He do something about other appointed feasts coming up. like graduation.

basically i was giving God an out. in case nothing joyful could come from this.

like the prom is a harder event to bring redemption from than let's see...


yeah, i don't think through things sometimes.

because He totally brought overwhelming JOY to the day with a darth vadar cosage. laughter. a moment of shared hilarity. with our whole family. 

with two darth vadars that look like they are kissing. 

God was up there saying "BOOYA." to my denial that any joy could come to this appointed feasts. BOOYA with darth vardar. my soul was blown wide open with the wonder and unexpectedness of it.

He is so funny. and so good to me...