paul harvey...

for my older readers... people my age and older... you may remember paul harvey. if you don't know who he was, google him. and listen to one of his stories. he would tell the best stories. and you wouldn't really get the BEST part until the end when he would reveal "the rest of the story." only then would you hear WHO the story was about. someone famous. historical. unthinkable. and the story would then take on a whole new quality because the "rest of the story" made it even more special and meaningful.

that is what this blog is for. a place where i can tell the REST OF THE STORY.

well, at least the part that God is showing me at this moment. He actually knows the REST OF THE STORY... and i have His Word that it is a Good story.

i also loved that REST OF THE STORY title because writing about things helps to rest them in my soul. i think as i write. sometimes i don't know what i think until i write it down and then it just comes out of a million places and finally in written words it makes sense. and i can rest the story there. because i have thought it through. so this is where i can have the REST of the story. 

a safe place because each of you reading this has been invited because of your love for me. and your love for a good story. and because i know you will pray. you already have been.

and finally i want a testimony of these days. these hard hard days. when i had almost constant diarrhea for three years from the anxiety (see how fun and freeing this new secret blog will be. sign up now. you don't want to miss a thing.) and yet, how God settled my soul time and time and time and time again with His words. with His people. with His presence. i am only sorry i didn't begin it sooner. maybe the settling of my soul into these words will help to settle my intestines... maybe not. 

He constantly told the israelites to "remember what the Lord has done for you." i want the REST OF THE STORY to be a remembering of what He has brought me through. for myself. for others who may walk this path. for those who God willing NEVER walk this path. and for my children one day to read. and rejoice in the God of their forefathers.  

i don't think i will add many photos. or links. i just want to get the words out. the stories told. the emotions vomited up (come on... sign up NOW. this is going to be a good ride.) and most likely the continual realization that this story isn't over. we won't actually see the REST OF THE STORY until we see Him face to face...