may 6th...

so millie had to have an annual eye exam last month (with dr. marissa adamson @ costco) and while she was there dr. adamson asked me when my last eye exam was...

and it had been a while.

like 6 years. like i said, “awhile”. but i mean compared with eternity, how long is 6 years?

and sweet young young young dr. adamson suggested that now that i was over 40 that it might be a good idea to have my eyes checked. and since she had referred to me as “someone over 40”  i asked her to tell me how many middle fingers i was holding up. just as a little eye test. *

* just kidding. i LOVE dr. adamson. millie was her first patient she saw at costco and so she is very fond of us. and i am very respectful of doctors. even though i don’t like to go and see them. at all. especially the ones with scales in their offices. i really avoid those doctors. like the plague. unless i had the plague and had been sick long enough to lose lots of weight. and then i would go and see them to cure the plague. once i had lost a subsequent amount of weight.

but since dr. adamson doesn’t weigh her patients before she examines them, i made an appointment with her. and went in for that appointment. and my vision had not changed very much at all for someone SO DARN OLD. 

and marissa asked if i had ever thought about wearing contacts. and i told her that i had worn contacts for more years that she had been breathing. but that a while back my eye doctor had told me that i needed to take a break from contacts. he meant something like a 6 month break. and then i took a 6 year break. partly because i get months and years confused sometimes. but mostly because i had spent all that $$$ on the glasses for my contact lens break. and i just kept wearing those glasses. to get my $$$’s worth out of them.

then i evaluated the contact lens as a choice because as you all know... we have very limited bathroom space. in our 5 by 7 master bathroom. and contact lens stuff takes up valuable real estate. i decided that i could maybe make some space by eliminating some less important items. i mean, who really needs deodorant? doesn’t it cause cancer? so i will stink... but i may live cancer free. all alone. but cancer free.

in the end i decided to procure me some contact lenses. and i LOVE them. and my favorite part isn’t how well i see and that i can wear cute sunglasses... 


no, my favorite part is cleaning them at night. in a hydrogen peroxide solution. BUT as you may know (i didn’t know, but you might) hydrogen peroxide cleans well BUT burns your eyes... like gouge your eyes out burning. so you put your contacts in that little funky case thing and pour in the peroxide mixture and then some super duper craziness happens. it bubbles up with all these teeny tiny bubbles that cling to the metal part and then kind of slough off and make this foamy layer on top and it keeps bubbling and foaming for like... forever. i am totally fascinated by it. turns out that the platinum covered plastic piece on the bottom reacts with the hydrogen peroxide and after it bubbles and remains in there for 6 hours that it becomes simple water and oxygen. not a burning substance for eyes. and my contacts are fresh as a daisy in the morning.


this world is amazing. isn’t it? aren’t you glad to be alive?

here is someone else who finds this whole process entertaining as well. and there is video footage you can watch of the whole bubbling process. so you can see how exciting it is...

see i am not as crazy as you thought... other people find this stuff fascinating as well. and if you spent some time watching that video you may understand why i get so excited about taking out my contacts every night and watching the bubbles form EVERY NIGHT. and if you spend anytime watching that video DO NOT JUDGE ME for being mesmerized by this process because you just watched it on the computer.

and that is why i LOVE LOVE LOVE my new contact lenses. and their cleaning process. and i don’t even mind the new bottle on the bathroom shelf. all that bubbling entertainment is worth it. oh, and i see really well too. side benefit.