couch step #1

okay, so the first hurdle is crossed. the couch frame is finished (and stained a bit darker than the pictured couch frame). the back has a subtle recline to it that you can’t really discern from the photo. and it feels good to sit in already. but needs a bit of padding.


and the foam is ordered. isn’t the internet a wonderful thing? except if you want to find plans for making your own couch. but if you want to find foam for your couch... then the internet comes in handy dandy. it should be in sometime next week. and then i will cover it with some muslin.

we will see how it all comes together. this is the shorter one (90  inches long) and then if it is comfy, adam will construct the longer one (120 inches) for the other wall.

then when i head up to atlanta in february, i will visit one of my favorite places in the world. lewis and sheron textile company. read it with reverence and awe. that place a AMAZING. a football field full of fabric bolts. i think heaven has a fabric area that looks very similar. i will procure some microsuede there to make covers. and depending on the prices (which are really good) i will be able to buy some funky fabrics for pillows.

my friend, jo, pointed out that as it is now the couch looks a bit like a church pew.

i told her that was because we were going for a look that was called “early sanctification”. and that might be a good thing with having two teenagers and another one on the way. furniture that looks like church pews might just discourage any dating couples from becoming too friendly on our couches. having a family room that feels a little sacred is always a good thing.

jo said that i should write a book for decorating your house for the teenage parenting years... instead of aiming for inner peace with fung shui i could aim for chastity with “time to pray” furniture arranging.