to blog or not to blog...

that is the question. and i guess the answer has been NOT to blog. 

because i have been reading. a lot.

some for grounded (our high school youth group that meets at our house on sunday nights). i am teaching apologetics and that means LOTS of reading and study.

in fact i have 13 books sitting on my desk right now that i read from and composed last night’s lesson from... all read in the last week. all highlighted, dog eared, and post it marked up.

and because i know inquiring minds want to know... here are the books. 

Bible Doctrine
By Wayne Grudem, Jeff Purswell
What's So Great about Christianity
By Dinesh D'Souza
Handbook of Christian Apologetics
By Peter Kreeft, Ronald K. Tacelli

too bad i can’t read and write blog entries at the same time. lots of interesting stuff in all of those books. 

and if i had to choose my TOP THREE....

mere christianity by c.s. lewis. in fact i love that one so much that for the next session of grounded (in the spring), i want to go through it with the high school students chapter by chapter and have a discussion group (to contrast with this apologetics series which has been a lot of lecture). and i am going to have some guest speakers come in and tell how this book impacted their view of Christianity. and one of those guest speakers who will be talking via ichat with the kids is a hollywood star who lives in l.a. and his wife. yeah, i can’t reveal too much here BUT since i only know one hollywood star who would ichat with me, this might be an easy one to figure out....

the reason for God by tim keller. easy to read and very practical. 

and my message/niv Bible. which dina gave me for Christmas two years ago. love it.

ok time to go and read another book for this week’s lesson...

i need a kindle. seriously. i have run out of room on my desk for books. 

jeff bezos, don’t you want to send me a birthday gift? my shopping cart “saved to buy later” section totals up to a figure just shy of the national debt. of course, i think i am paying a large portion of jeff bezos salary with my amazon addiction...

seriously, reading is like crack to me. and if they made it illegal i would meet with shady characters on street corners and hand them wads of illegally earned cash for the latest jodi picoult novel. and i would keep attending 12 step programs for bookaphiles anonymous but i would keep falling off the wagon with a fresh hardback with a broken spine in my grasp gasping, “just let me finish this one and then i will go cold turkey!”