last day...

of school for the year and LAST day of every day in may blogging...

but GOOD NEWS... (for you, not so much for me)

in case you have become addicted to my blogging... help immediately.

and until your drugs kick in, check out this website next week where i will be blogging EVERY day and uploading lots of photos from our youth choir mission trip.

should be a blast. (for you, not so much for me)

i love blogging on 3 hours sleep and while surrounded by teenagers.

i write some really funny things. and i still don’t use capital letters or correct grammar. good times. (for you, not so much for me) 

and in the stream of consciousness blogging theme today here are some lunch bags from previous years... 2006 and 2007. where are 2008 bags?????? I DON’T KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i must have not taken a photo OR we didn’t make them because it was crazy around these parts because we had JUST gotten a call that we were to be the president’s special guests at his commencement speech at furman university on the NEXT DAY. and we had to drive to south carolina that afternoon. and come back on sunday. and be ready to leave for miami choir mission trip on monday.

really i think i had drunk way too much miller high life last year to do all that in 3 days. but we lived. and we will live through today. this weekend. and next week in chicago.

and live to blog about it too.

here is a little peek at the last day of school lunch bags that adam makes for the kids every year. love the "miller high life" one for rosie (her teacher was mrs. miller.) i am not sure that one will be acceptable in the "zero tolerance" drug free environment. but we will give it a whirl...

and i included some photos of previous year's lunch bags. because they are super cute.

proverbs 29:17

Discipline your children; you'll be glad you did— 

   they'll turn out delightful to live with. 

good proverb to remember for the summer. if i want delightful children to live with...and i do. and they want to be delightful to live with. because the alternative is that the don’t LIVE..... 

okay off to awards ceremony at the middle school. and drop off teacher gifts at the elementary school. and meet the buses by hiding behind the bushes and JUMPING out with a super soaker to welcome them home for summer and then off to our annual barnaby pizza late lunch with some friends. and then CLEAN house for a cook out with my whole family on saturday. and start packing for chicago. plan games for the 18 hour bus ride with 41 teenagers who might have game plans of their own (who out there in blog world has taken LONG bus rides with youth groups before???? let’s just say that i need to plan some FUN games), plan a sunday school lesson, and about 487 other things that i am forgetting.

fun day. busy day. i think i may need a miller high life to get me through...