23 years of marriage...

Love Poem No.6

by john blase thebeautifuldue

Life is so short

you want to remember all of it.

Yet memory was not

born so one could see it all

but rather that you

and I would take our

threads and together weave

a life, a blanket rough

and warm that covers

where we’ve been so

in the time that remains

we might know where to go.


i suppose that it is almost fitting that on today, our 23rd anniversary, we realized that our master bathroom has had a continual leak underneath the shower for quite awhile and has rotted away a lot of the supporting beams that hold it up and keep us from falling into the crawl space (which is really more like "stand up almost upright" space) when we traverse across the floor. that 1960's yellow tile may not survive much longer. and just when i had made peace with it and had learned to love it and appreciate its yellowness in my life.

we will be moving into the kids bathroom for a period of time (5 people, 3 of who are teenagers, sharing one bathroom. stayed tuned for that excitement) while we have some people look at our bathroom and determine the most cost efficient route to keeping up from falling into the abyss. it is a small bathroom (3 feet by 5 feet) but when we looked at having it redone a few years ago it was more $$$$ than we wanted to spend. home projects are fun when you have the $ but not so much fun when you HAVE to do them and don't have a budget for them. and you have three children heading off to college in rapid successsion. sigh.

so it kind of put a damper on today. as the most exciting activity that we are doing for our anniversary is taking everything out of our bathroom so that it is ready for what may have to happen to it in the next few weeks. 

for anniversaries... some couples take trips. some have spa days. parties. exotic meals. jewelry and gift exchanges. 

but we clean out our 3x5 bathroom and pray that the repairs can be done cheaply. at least we are doing it together. worrying together. praying together. cleaning up messes and toothpaste and hair brushes together. and planning to spend kids to college. and it looks like we might still have each other after they are all gone. 

after 23 years of marriage that is not to be taken lightly. that we are still together. weaving a blanket of memories. rough and warm. rough yet warm...