marvelous marshalls 2012

i love how God redeems my days. this morning i was bummed about all the things that i didn't take time for in the past year(s). i was beating myself up pretty bad. then i decided to upload the yearly slideshow of photos from our family.

i am not perfect. at parenting. being a wife. a friend. or a child of God. but Christ is enough. i may not have used every moment of 2012 wisely or well. but God used every moment well. and sometimes He let me join in on what He was doing well.

this year included lots of watching kids run. play instruments. sing and dance. soccer games. watching millie get a job and a radio show. seeing her try on a myriad of interesting outfits and asking what we think. seeing all three kids on a mission/choir tour. a college tour. chaperoning cross country camp. hosting parties and movie night for teenagers. time with extended family and cousins. a cruise with my home team and their families. making bubbles in the kitchen with the shirley twins. an eagle scout project completed and the subsequent honor ceremony. and loving on our new dog.

it really was a marvelous year. i marvel at how the Lord uses all those moments to His glory. He is doing a thousand things with each moment. most of all He is molding my heart to be more like His. there is enough time for that. all else is chaff...