good news(ies)...

may is almost over. whew. 

it has FLOWN BY. and i have felt like that nerf arrow in the above photo. stretched to the hilt. ready to spring into summer as soon as someone lets go.  only one more week. and i will fly freely. well, as freely as one flies when the first week of summer is youth choir tour and i am a chaperone/photographer/trip blogger. and the second week is VBS week and rosie and i are working at VBS. good times ahead.

but for today it is still may. still everyday in may blogging about musicals and i bring to you another musical that i haven’t seen THAT IS ON BROADWAY RIGHT NOW and i really really really want to see it. this will not come as a surprise to one of my readers... but that musical is NEWSIES.

i was introduced to newsies, the movie version when jojo lived with us. and by “introduced” i mean that we watched it everyday for a few months. hey, don’t judge... it is based on the newsboys strike of 1899 in new york city. we were watching HISTORY.  rosie memorized every line and dance move when she was 4 years old. when we took millie to nyc for the first time, the ONLY souvenir rosie asked for was a newsies hat and a pape (newspaper). she wanted to know if we had met crutchy on our visit to nyc. obsessed? maybe. adorable? certainly.

i found this interesting on wikipedia...

“Newsies is a 1992 Disney musical drama film...The movie is widely claimed to have gained a cult following after its initial failure at the box office.”   ha. “cult following” i think they mean “the marshall family watched it every day for a few months.” 

i missed newsies, the movie when it first came out in 1992. i had heard of it but no other 20 year olds were really talking about disney movies at that time. but jojo was a young whippersnapper preteen then and newsies was created just for young whippersnapper preteens like her. kind of like “footloose” or “fame” in my teenage years. lots of cute dancing boys. what is not to love?

well, the same could be said for the musical newsies that just opened on broadway. lots of cute dancing boys. what is not to love? because it has been nominated for 8 tony awards including BEST MUSICAL

i would love to take all the kids to see newsies on broadway. and take  jojo with us. since she was the one who introduced us to those paper selling newsie boys. we already know all of the songs (rosie could finally make her dreams come true and meet crutchy.) i get the feeling that with 8 tony nominations it might be around for a while so maybe we will be able to do that. a girl has gotta have dreams...