le me start...

...by saying that even though MTV is going to be mentioned AGAIN in my blog, it is NOT that huge of a factor in my life (as you all shake your heads and make that clicking sound with your tongue and think “poor pop culture seduced girl”). 

millie noticed as she scrolled through the dvr guide on the tv saturday night, that MTV (which she is NOT allowed to watch, only i am allowed to watch that smut) was showing Legally Blonde, the musical LIVE from Broadway. now she and i are HUGE legally blonde, the regular movie fans and even HUGER anything on BROADWAY fans...


so she asked if she could watch it and it being on MTV, i needed to watch it with her to protect her innocence. and it being a FULL BROADWAY musical filmed on BROADWAY, i needed to watch it to feed my soul.

let me say here that i wanted to have little wrapped in a blanket babies, i wanted to have sweet little pudgy puddin’ sticky fingered toddlers, i wanted to have learning to read and write elementary school children. but never did i EVER EVER EVER for a minute think that one day i would have teenagers in my house (i wasn’t good at thinking about the future, i just wanted those little babies who wore those little outfits with pictures of giraffes on them). but i have to say that having a teenage girl who is TOTALLY NUTSO ABOUT EVERYTHING ON BROADWAY is a heck of a lot of fun!

we laughed so hard at this musical and have been singing and dancing and bending and snapping ever since. but thank goodness we recorded it and started it late because even fast forwarding through the MTV commercials was too much skin and scandal for my taste- and we all know that i have bad taste already). 

they may be showing it again (this wasn’t the first time they had shown it) and if you LOVE musicals and legally blonde and catchy lyrics such as these lyrics that open the show as the sorority sisters serenade elle on the eve that should be her proposal...

Dear Elle,

He's the luckiest guy

I'm, like, gonna cry

I got tears coming out of my nose

Mad props!

He's the campus catch

You're a perfect match

Cause you both have such great taste in clothes

Of course he will propose

or this little heart warming scene after warner breaks up with elle because she isn’t serious enough...


(Spoken) Wait a sec! This is the kind of girl Warner wants!

Someone serious!

Someone lawyerly!

Someone who wears black when nobody's dead!

Girls, I have a completely brilliant plan!...

(sung)  I'll meet you there at Harvard with a book in my hand

Big sturdy book, big wordy book

Full of words I'll understand

And right there is where you'll see it too

Warner, what you want is right in front of you!

or this witty song and dance number to win back her man...



Hey, hey, hey!

Keep it positive

That he loves you and not her

More hotter

And I bet ya smarter!

She don't know the real him

You feel him

So don't her her steal him

Wake him up like sleepin beauty

Turn his head with your red hot booty

You bring the noise if you bring the funk

It's positively time to shake your junk

shake, shake, shake, shake,

shake, shake, shake, shake,





Girls, how is this helping? He's not even here!

He left while we were shaking "junk"! Wait!


Girls I'm positive

That we've taken this too far

No I'm positive

This is Harvard not a stripper bar

All this trashy carryin' on

Thats the reason that he's gone...

see what good lessons i provide for my daughter.... is that mother of the year award in the bag or WHAT?