happy birthday maxx...

thank you for making me the mother of a boy.

thank you for not needing braces yet.

thank you for all the messy projects, crazy experiments, and the fact that your bow and arrow are NEVER picked up out of the yard. and i think really it is just your bow because all of your arrows are lost.

thank you for causing me to almost lost my salvation every time i try to find something in your room.

thank you for burping SO loudly at dinner.

thank you for playing wii with me last night and smokin’ me at all of the games.

thank you for loving to read.

thank you for EVERY question that you ask that i totally don’t know the answer to and sometimes we can’t even find the answer on google. 

thank you for NEVER remembering to make your bed or brush your teeth without me reminding you.

thank you for still needing a hug and kiss before you go to bed,

thank you that when i wake you up in the morning, you reach up to me with those skinny arms and hug me almost like a reflex while you are still half asleep.

thank you for promising to become an architect like frank lloyd wright and saying that you will build me a house. and i will still love you even if you don’t.

thank you for the hilariously honest way that you write and the terrible way that you spell.

thank you for sharing your room with 372 different college students who have spent the night with us.

thank you for setting some alarm that is going off right now on your desk RIGHT behind me and i can’t find what it is in the massive pile of stuff on your desk and even though it is REALLY annoying is it SO you that it makes me smile. oh, it got faster and then stopped. thank you that it isn’t a bomb.

thank you for LOVING the spy experience at the spy museum and trying so hard and for making a GREAT spy because i was a horrible one. thank you for not noticing what a horrible spy i was, but once we talked about it, thank you for now including in your rendition of the story the fact that your mom was a horrible spy.

thank you for thanking daddy and i 479 times for taking you to washington, d.c.

thank you for being surprised that we were going to washington, even though we had talked about it in front of you and you never noticed. 

thank you for being such an incredible brother. the girls even say that you will be the best husband ever because you truly do know how to serve. you amaze me with the ways you help your sisters. they will have a high standard to look for in husbands because of their brother.

thank you for loving camp ridgecrest and for loving me a tiny bit more so that you come home.

thank you for only liking a few of the meals that i make... pancakes, salad, and italian food.

thank you for loving music and dancing. 

thank you for watching the olympics and loving every event. thank you for waxing eloquently about the opening ceremonies and talking about the artistic qualities to it.

thank you for breathing stinky boy breath because you forgot to brush your teeth and wearing the same shirt 4 days in a row and not noticing or caring. 

thank you for laughing so hard sometimes that you can’t stop and we can’t really figure out what is so funny, but your uncontrollable laughter is what makes us all laugh.

thank you for 12 years of trying to figure out what to do with a boy, and sometimes thinking that maybe i am not doing such a great job and sometimes thinking that just maybe even though i haven’t done a great job that YOU are a great boy.

thank you for that alarm going off AGAIN and thank you for turning it off sometime today before i say some bad words.

maxx furman marshall, without you the sock industry would be bankrupt.

and so would my life...