washing-a-ton monument...

because 2 weeks of summer camp laundry for 2 kids


5 days of traveling laundry for a family of five...

and my laundry pile is slightly less tall that the washington monument. and slightly less white in color. 

millie has been bribed with $5.00 a for every load that she washes, dries, and folds and puts in the right room for the right people to put away. she also is allowed to watch all her backed up DVR recorded shows as she folds. so really i shouldn’t have to touch any dirty laundry (this is a trick i learned directly from the politicians in d.c.).

here are the highlights of our three days in d.c. (and the reason for the HUGE blister on the sole of my foot)...


white house tour

ford’s theater

peterson house

st. peter’s cathedral for maxx, rosie, and adam (while millie and i were in h&m shopping)

h&m (not a historical site, but where millie bought some new clothes)

international spy museum and spy experience (by the way, i would NOT make a good spy, i am sure you all realized this already, but it was a huge disappointment to me and now i have to change my career goals. how do you think i would do as a supermodel?)


national museum of natural history 

holocaust museum

washington monument (we had tickets to go up in it and look around)

walking the entire length of the national mall (millie wondered where all the stores were)

lincoln memorial

vietnam veteran’s memorial

world war 2 memorial


national air and space museum

bureau of engraving and printing (and no we didn’t get any free samples)

sculpture garden

national museum of art (rosie cried when she found out that the henri matisse exhibit had closed for the day, i was never so proud to call her my daughter. adam cried when i told him we had to go to the art museum.)

free walking tour of d.c- we would recommend this to ANYONE visiting d.c., these guys are fun and informative!

we would leave our bed and breakfast inn every morning about 9 and walk to the nearest metro stop and come home around 9 in the evening after walking ALL day. the kids were really great. rosie was unstoppable. really, i wished someone had stopped her because i was EXHAUSTED. 

i will post more photos later. putting in all those links was tiring.