16th birthday...

today is maxx's 16th birthday. and just like last year, he isn't here. he is in the mountains at cross country camp.

in fact today is the day that he is running straight up a mountain. quite a way to celebrate. i prefer other methods of celebration. sedentary methods. but maxx likes to run up a mountain....

or scuba dive.

or survivalist camp.

or hike the appalachian trail.

or sing.

or play every musical instrument he can get his hands on.

but even though there are a million differences between he and his mom... he still hugs me. it is akin to me hugging a tall skinny and oh so solid tree. but it is still a hug from a teenage son. and i will take it whenever i can get it.

he sings in the shower. really loud. and really well. and sometimes broadway songs. sometimes my favorite broadway songs.

he reads c.s. lewis' screwtape letters aloud with me. and we talk about how amazingly perceptive clive staples lewis' vision was. and is...

he loves to play games. and cards. and is up for ANYthing that looks like fun.

he finally appreciates my cooking. (must be all the running up mountains.)

he is clever.

and funny. his laughter is contagious.

he is so kind that it makes my heart hurt because i know this world a little too well.

he is becoming more and more handsome by the minute, which also makes my heart hurt because i know teenage girls a little too well.

but thankfully for the both of us the grace of God is bigger than this world that i know way too well. 

so maxx, as always that only i advice that i feel fit to give you is advice from the One who knows you best. the One who created you with a joy of adventure and a heart of kindness. the One who make you fleet of foot and strong of conviction. the One who has a good future for you and will guide you lovingly into that future. the One who loves you even more than i love you...

He tells us to run the race set before you with perseverance.  to run it with your sense of humor. and your kind spirit. and your love of adventure. run it while singing a song. run it the way He created you to run it. and you will feel His pleasure....

If one could run without getting tired,
I don’t think one would often want to do anything else.
— c.s. lewis